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mma_singlestage.h File Reference

Template for a double-buffered threadblock-scoped GEMM kernel. More...

#include "cutlass/cutlass.h"
#include "cutlass/array.h"
#include "cutlass/aligned_buffer.h"
#include "cutlass/numeric_types.h"
#include "cutlass/matrix_shape.h"
#include "cutlass/gemm/gemm.h"
#include "cutlass/gemm/threadblock/mma_base.h"
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class  cutlass::gemm::threadblock::MmaSingleStage< Shape_, IteratorA_, SmemIteratorA_, IteratorB_, SmemIteratorB_, ElementC_, LayoutC_, Policy_, Enable >
 Structure to compute the matrix product targeting CUDA cores and SIMT math instructions. More...