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__device__ void discard_memory(void volatile* ptr, size_t nbytes);

Preconditions: ptr points to a valid allocation of size greater or equal to nbytes.

Effects: equivalent to memset(ptr, _indeterminate_, nbytes).

Hint: to discard modified cache lines without writing back the cached data to memory. Enables using global memory as temporary scratch space. Does not generate any HW store operations.


This kernel needs a scratch pad that does not fit in shared memory, so it uses an allocation in global memory instead:

#include <cuda/annotated_ptr>
__device__ int compute(int* scratch, size_t N);

__global__ void kernel(int const* in, int* out, int* scratch, size_t N) {
    // Each thread reads N elements into the scratch pad:
    for (int i = 0; i < N; ++i) {
        int idx = threadIdx.x + i * blockDim.x;
        scratch[idx] = in[idx];

    // All threads compute on the scratch pad:
    int result = compute(scratch, N);

    // All threads discard the scratch pad memory to _hint_ that it does not need to be flushed from the cache:
    cuda::discard_memory(scratch + threadIdx.x * N, N * sizeof(int));

    out[threadIdx.x] = result;