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Defined in header <cuda/barrier>:

__device__ cuda::std::uint64_t* cuda::device::barrier_native_handle(
  cuda::barrier<cuda::thread_scope_block>& bar);

Returns a pointer to the native handle of a [cuda::barrier] if its scope is cuda::thread_scope_block and it is allocated in shared memory. The pointer is suitable for use with PTX instructions.


If bar is not in __shared__ memory, the behavior is undefined.

Return Value

A pointer to the PTX “mbarrier” subobject of the cuda::barrier object.


#include <cuda/barrier>

__global__ void example_kernel(cuda::barrier<cuda::thread_scope_block>& bar) {
  auto ptr = cuda::device::barrier_native_handle(bar);

  asm volatile (
      "mbarrier.arrive.b64 _, [%0];"
      : "l" (ptr)
      : "memory");
  // Equivalent to: `(void)b.arrive()`.

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