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Defined in header <cuda/pipeline>:

template <cuda::thread_scope Scope, cuda::std::uint8_t StagesCount>
class cuda::pipeline_shared_state {
  __host__ __device__

  ~pipeline_shared_state() = default;

  pipeline_shared_state(pipeline_shared_state const&) = delete;

  pipeline_shared_state(pipeline_shared_state&&) = delete;

The class template cuda::pipeline_shared_state is a storage type used to coordinate the threads participating in a cuda::pipeline.

Template Parameters

Scope A cuda::thread_scope denoting a scope including all the threads participating in the cuda::pipeline. Scope cannot be cuda::thread_scope_thread.
StagesCount The number of stages for the pipeline.

Member Functions

(constructor) Constructs a cuda::pipeline_shared_state.
(destructor) [implicitly declared] Destroys the cuda::pipeline_shared_state.
operator= [deleted] cuda::pipeline_shared_state is not assignable.

NVCC __shared__ Initialization Warnings

When using libcu++ with NVCC, a __shared__ cuda::pipeline_shared_state will lead to the following warning because __shared__ variables are not initialized:

warning: dynamic initialization is not supported for a function-scope static
__shared__ variable within a __device__/__global__ function

It can be silenced using #pragma diag_suppress static_var_with_dynamic_init.


#include <cuda/pipeline>

// Disables `pipeline_shared_state` initialization warning.
#pragma diag_suppress static_var_with_dynamic_init

__global__ void example_kernel(char* device_buffer, char* sysmem_buffer) {
  // Allocate a 2 stage block scoped shared state in shared memory.
  __shared__ cuda::pipeline_shared_state<cuda::thread_scope_block, 2> pss0;

  // Allocate a 2 stage block scoped shared state in device memory.
  auto* pss1 = new cuda::pipeline_shared_state<cuda::thread_scope_block, 2>;

  // Construct a 2 stage device scoped shared state in device memory.
  auto* pss2 =
    new (device_buffer) cuda::pipeline_shared_state<cuda::thread_scope_device, 2>;

  // Construct a 2 stage system scoped shared state in system memory.
  auto* pss3 =
    new (sysmem_buffer) cuda::pipeline_shared_state<cuda::thread_scope_system, 2>;

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