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Thread Groups

struct ThreadGroup {
  static constexpr cuda::thread_scope thread_scope;
  Integral size() const;
  Integral thread_rank() const;
  void sync() const;

The ThreadGroup concept defines the requirements of a type that represents a group of cooperating threads.

The CUDA Cooperative Groups Library provides a number of types that satisfy this concept.

Data Members

thread_scope The scope at which ThreadGroup::sync() synchronizes memory operations and thread execution.

Member Functions

size Returns the number of participating threads.
thread_rank Returns a unique value for each participating thread (0 <= ThreadGroup::thread_rank() < ThreadGroup::size()).
sync Synchronizes the participating threads.


This concept is defined for documentation purposes but is not materialized in the library.


#include <cuda/atomic>
#include <cuda/std/cstddef>

struct single_thread_group {
  static constexpr cuda::thread_scope thread_scope = cuda::thread_scope::thread_scope_thread;
  cuda::std::size_t size() const { return 1; }
  cuda::std::size_t thread_rank() const { return 0; }
  void sync() const {}

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