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cutlass::layout::TensorNHWC Class Reference

Mapping function for 4-D NHWC tensors.

#include <tensor.h>

Public Types

using Index = int32_t
 Index type used for coordinates. More...
using LongIndex = int64_t
 Long index type used for offsets. More...
using TensorCoord = Tensor4DCoord
 Logical coordinate (n, h, w, c) More...
using Stride = Coord< kStrideRank >
 Stride vector. More...

Public Member Functions

CUTLASS_HOST_DEVICE TensorNHWC (Stride const &stride=Stride(0))
 Constructor. More...
CUTLASS_HOST_DEVICE TensorNHWC (typename Stride::Index c, typename Stride::Index wc, typename Stride::Index hwc)
 Constructor. More...
CUTLASS_HOST_DEVICE LongIndex operator() (TensorCoord const &coord) const
 Returns the offset of a coordinate (n, h, w, c) in linear memory. More...
CUTLASS_HOST_DEVICE operator RowMajor ()
 Returns a RowMajor equivalent for a TensorNHWC layout. More...
CUTLASS_HOST_DEVICE TensorCoord inverse (LongIndex index) const
 Returns the logical coordinate (n, h, w, c) from a given offset in linear memory. More...
CUTLASS_HOST_DEVICE Stride stride () const
 Returns the stride of the layout. More...
 Returns the stride of the layout. More...
CUTLASS_HOST_DEVICE LongIndex capacity (TensorCoord const &extent) const
 Compute the number of contiguous elements needed to store a tensor with the given size. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static CUTLASS_HOST_DEVICE TensorNHWC packed (TensorCoord const &extent)
 Helper returns a layout to a tightly packed NHWC tensor. More...

Static Public Attributes

static int const kRank = 4
 Logical rank of tensor. More...
static int const kStrideRank = 3
 Rank of stride vector. More...

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CUTLASS_HOST_DEVICE cutlass::layout::TensorNHWC::TensorNHWC ( Stride const &  stride = Stride(0))
CUTLASS_HOST_DEVICE cutlass::layout::TensorNHWC::TensorNHWC ( typename Stride::Index  c,
typename Stride::Index  wc,
typename Stride::Index  hwc 

Member Function Documentation

CUTLASS_HOST_DEVICE LongIndex cutlass::layout::TensorNHWC::capacity ( TensorCoord const &  extent) const
CUTLASS_HOST_DEVICE TensorCoord cutlass::layout::TensorNHWC::inverse ( LongIndex  index) const
CUTLASS_HOST_DEVICE cutlass::layout::TensorNHWC::operator RowMajor ( )
CUTLASS_HOST_DEVICE LongIndex cutlass::layout::TensorNHWC::operator() ( TensorCoord const &  coord) const
static CUTLASS_HOST_DEVICE TensorNHWC cutlass::layout::TensorNHWC::packed ( TensorCoord const &  extent)
CUTLASS_HOST_DEVICE Stride cutlass::layout::TensorNHWC::stride ( ) const
CUTLASS_HOST_DEVICE Stride& cutlass::layout::TensorNHWC::stride ( )

Member Data Documentation

int const cutlass::layout::TensorNHWC::kRank = 4
int const cutlass::layout::TensorNHWC::kStrideRank = 3

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