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cutlass::library::GemmBatchedConfiguration Struct Reference

Configuration for batched GEMM in which multiple matrix products are computed.

#include <library.h>

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Public Attributes

gemm::GemmCoord problem_size
 GEMM problem size. More...
int64_t lda
 Leading dimension of A matrix. More...
int64_t ldb
 Leading dimension of B matrix. More...
int64_t ldc
 Leading dimension of C matrix. More...
int64_t ldd
 Leading dimension of D matrix. More...
int64_t batch_stride_A
 Stride between instances of the A matrix in memory. More...
int64_t batch_stride_B
 Stride between instances of the B matrix in memory. More...
int64_t batch_stride_C
 Stride between instances of the C matrix in memory. More...
int64_t batch_stride_D
 Stride between instances of the D matrix in memory. More...
int batch_count
 Number of GEMMs in batch. More...

Member Data Documentation

int cutlass::library::GemmBatchedConfiguration::batch_count
int64_t cutlass::library::GemmBatchedConfiguration::batch_stride_A
int64_t cutlass::library::GemmBatchedConfiguration::batch_stride_B
int64_t cutlass::library::GemmBatchedConfiguration::batch_stride_C
int64_t cutlass::library::GemmBatchedConfiguration::batch_stride_D
int64_t cutlass::library::GemmBatchedConfiguration::lda
int64_t cutlass::library::GemmBatchedConfiguration::ldb
int64_t cutlass::library::GemmBatchedConfiguration::ldc
int64_t cutlass::library::GemmBatchedConfiguration::ldd
gemm::GemmCoord cutlass::library::GemmBatchedConfiguration::problem_size

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