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cutlass::library::TensorDescription Struct Reference

Structure describing the properties of a tensor.

#include <library.h>

Public Member Functions

 TensorDescription (NumericTypeID element=NumericTypeID::kInvalid, LayoutTypeID layout=LayoutTypeID::kInvalid, int alignment=1, int log_extent_range=24, int log_stride_range=24)

Public Attributes

NumericTypeID element
 Numeric type of an individual element. More...
LayoutTypeID layout
 Enumerant identifying the layout function for the tensor. More...
int alignment
 Alignment restriction on pointers, strides, and extents. More...
int log_extent_range
 log2() of the maximum extent of each dimension More...
int log_stride_range
 log2() of the maximum value each relevant stride may have More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cutlass::library::TensorDescription::TensorDescription ( NumericTypeID  element = NumericTypeID::kInvalid,
LayoutTypeID  layout = LayoutTypeID::kInvalid,
int  alignment = 1,
int  log_extent_range = 24,
int  log_stride_range = 24 

Member Data Documentation

int cutlass::library::TensorDescription::alignment
NumericTypeID cutlass::library::TensorDescription::element
LayoutTypeID cutlass::library::TensorDescription::layout
int cutlass::library::TensorDescription::log_extent_range
int cutlass::library::TensorDescription::log_stride_range

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