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tensor.h File Reference

Defines layout functions used by TensorRef and derived classes for common 4-D and 5-D tensor formats. More...

#include "assert.h"
#include "cutlass/cutlass.h"
#include "cutlass/fast_math.h"
#include "cutlass/layout/matrix.h"
#include "cutlass/coord.h"
#include "cutlass/tensor_coord.h"
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class  cutlass::layout::TensorNHWC
 Mapping function for 4-D NHWC tensors. More...
class  cutlass::layout::TensorNCHW
 Mapping function for 4-D NCHW tensors. More...
class  cutlass::layout::TensorNCxHWx< Interleave >
 Mapping function for 4-D NC/xHWx tensors. More...
class  cutlass::layout::TensorCxRSKx< Interleave >
 Mapping function for 4-D CxRSKx tensors. More...



Detailed Description

Layout functions map logical coordinates to linear memory. They often require additional data to describe strides between elements.

Layout functions must implement all members in the public interface of IdentityTensorLayout<> defined in cutlass/tensor_ref.h.