How to Use This Guide

This guide is for end users and application developers working with the NVIDIA® Grace CPU who want to achieve optimal performance for key benchmarks and applications (workloads). It includes procedures, sample code, reference performance numbers, recommendations, and technical best practices directly related to the NVIDIA Grace CPU. Following the instructions given in this guide will help you realize the best possible performance for your particular system.

This guide is a is a living document and frequently updated with the latest recommendations, so it is best read online at If you want to help improve the guide, you can create a Github issue at

Understanding Workload Performance

Workload performance depends on many aspects of the system, so the measured performance of your system may be different from the performance figures presented here. These figures are provided as guidelines and should not be interpreted as performance expectations or targets. Do not use this guide for platform validation.

The guide is divided into the following sections:

  • Platform Configuration: This section helps you tune your system for benchmarking. The instructions will help optimize the platform configuration.
  • Foundational Benchmarks: After checking the platform configuration, this section helps you complete a sanity check and confirm that the system is healthy.
  • Common Benchmarks: This section has information about the industry-recognized benchmarks and mini-apps that represent the performance of key workloads.
  • Applications: This section has information about maximizing the performance of full applications.
  • Developer Best Practices: This section has general best practices information to develop for NVIDIA Grace.

The sections can be read in any order, but we strongly recommend you begin by tuning and sanity checking your platform.