Welcome to MatX’s documentation!

MatX is a modern C++ library for numerical computing on NVIDIA GPUs and limited support for CPUs. The main features include:

  • Compile-time expression evaluation for generating GPU kernels

  • Near-native performance for GPU kernels while using a syntax similar to Python or MATLAB

  • Easy frontend API to many popular CUDA libraries

  • Header-only without need for compilation

  • Single data type used across entire API

  • Intuitive error messages

To start building tests, examples, and benchmarks, visit the Building MatX guide. This page also lists the requirements for each type of build.

If you’re new to MatX and want to jump right in, we recommend starting with the Quick Start guide. This guide walks through the MatX concepts and primary API functions to give you the tools to make your first application using MatX.

If you prefer learning by looking directly at complete examples, take a look in the examples directory. Some examples have full walk-throughs in the Example Applications section of the documentation.

Lastly, an API Reference guide is available for every function in MatX.


MatX is released under the BSD-3-Clause license. Several external packages are used optionally and may have different license requirements. Please see the Building MatX guide for a list of external requirements.

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